Trend Alert - Breeze Blocks by Peter Fulton, Creative Director

DE&E’s Creative Director, Peter Fulton has the next big ‘Trend Alert’ for your event.

Mid-century architecture has always been a love of mine and Breeze Block are quintessential to that period. Technology today plays such an integral part of our day to day life and our desire to see, feel, touch and connect with our surroundings is so prevalent. Tactile surfaces evoke a sensory discovery and inspire curiosity; they are comforting and appealing to our visual and auditory sense. It’s the feeling of coming home that has materialised and redefined the way we look at event design.

Breeze Blocks are on trend right now. Think exposed brickwork, the use of cement, the pairing of metals with raw, natural materials such as cork, wood and sand. Aesthetically pleasing and decorative, these repeating geometric patterns harmoniously revisit Postmodernism.

Vintage patterns channel a simplistic and elegant design aesthetic that makes any space look sophisticated and elegant. I especially love how our Breeze Blocks provide a connection between the indoors and outdoors. Add florals to soften the geometric lines and back light with coloured lighting for a striking effect. For a dramatic look, project great lighting effects or add graphics to the front structure to further magnify the wall’s decorative appeal.

Translating this trend to the contemporary world of events, exhibitions and activations created a design challenge, due to the permanent nature of this product, but in design a solution can always be found.

Our light weight, modular, re-usable and re-purposed Breeze Blocks are an exciting new evolution for Media Walls, Event Furnishings, Entrance Features and Event Backdrops.


“Bring your media wall to life with our three dimensional breeze block wall, anywhere and anytime of the year”.

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