A day in the life of our resident Artisan



We uncovered what really happens throughout the day in his Creative Cave, what inspires him and why he loves all things floral. Below is an hour by hour account of how our wonderful Artisan spends his day at DE&E.

6:00am – I like to start my mornings in my tranquil garden admiring my Dancing Ladies and exotic array of plants before I head out the door to start my crazy life of design.

7:00am – We have a busy day planned and I want to beat the builders to the workshop before I start creating. I just love the dynamic nature of the events industry. My role here as resident Artisan is to work collectively with all of DE&E’s departments and together create memorable and inspirational experiences for our clients.

 9:00am – I don’t have a ‘normal’ office life most people. My office, usually referred to as the ‘Creative Cave’ is undeniably the biggest office in the whole company! Surrounded by thousands of florals, every shade of glitter, paints of every colour and shade and an endless supply of event, wedding and exhibition hire products imaginable. Creative impulses make the impossible, possible.

10:00am – I meet with the Design Team each morning when a touch of my magic is required.  It’s my opportunity to provide feedback and share my creative thoughts with the team. We have a Style StudioHQ on today, and I will be setting up a floral cart for a corporate client luncheon and styling session using a mix of synthetic and real florals. Here I get to share my skills and passion for floral designs with clients.

11:00am – Who doesn’t love a weddings??? DE&E’s Manager of Wedding Styling and I meet to discuss weddings that are coming up and what is needed to bring their dream wedding to life. It’s not all about florals. Couples are really open to exploring new concepts and ideas. I just love creating designs for suspending ceiling features and tablescapes.

12:30pm – A quick lunch break with my notebook in hand and a creative brief from a client who has requested some sketches for a Melbourne Cup Media Wall.

 1:30pm – It’s time to get my Christmas on and start building another one of ‘my’ trees. Each uniquely styled tree takes about 8 hours to decorate. This might sounds a bit biased, but I do believe that DE&E have the best Christmas trees this side of the North Pole!

2:30pm – My last job for the day is to install a hot pink Featherdelier for a client event in the evening. The DE&E stylists have been busy decorating all day. The Featherdelier consisting of over 3,000 hand placed Ostridge feathers will take pride of place above the dance floor. The client arrives just as I’ve put the final touches to the Featherdelier. I know she’s happy by the amounts of ‘wows’ and ‘ahhs’ that are coming from all directions. After sitting in a conference rooms for two days, I know the event attendees will be blown away with what we have created for this evening.

5:00pm – Our job is done and we leave one very happy client to welcome her guests. I let her know that I’ll be back in the morning to pick up the Featherdelier…she hopes that I forget it but she knows…it wont fit into her handbag!

5:30pm – The working day us over but my love for all things design never ends. I’m eager to head home and stream the latest haute couture fashion show live from Paris, for future inspiration.

“Our job is done and we leave one very happy client to welcome her guests”.

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