Signature Collection - Tokyo Disco

“An experiential delight. This international fantasy takes you into the depths of the offbeat, quirky spirit and soul of Japan…”

This international fantasy design transports your event into the depths of the offbeat, quirky spirit and soul of Japan. Juxtoposed between intrinsic culture and technology, this is a true experiential event experience.

Channelling serenity by day and high intensity at night, Tokyo Disco takes your audience into the heart of the city. Capturing the destinations urban street art, kaleidoscope of fashion from Harajuki to Geisha, the bright neon lights and Karaoke to the serene gardens adorned with Cherry Blossom trees.

Tokyo Disco is vibrant, colourful, electrifying and soulful. This immersive event design salutes a remarkable city that is constantly renewing and reinventing itself promising a event experience like no other.

ideal audience – inbound, corporate, curious
ideal season – all year
event type – cocktail, gala dinner, experiential

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