Capsule Collections - Terra Firma

“A layering of Burnt Orange, Copper and Gold contrasts wonderfully with the Peacock Blue feathers and Crystal Glassware…”

Exuding fine luxury with the call of the wild, Terra Firma embraces those with an inquistive mind and a sense of adventure.

Celebrating earthy hues and exotic surroundings, Terra Firma produces a refined elegance for the nomad in all of us.

A layering of Burnt Orange, Copper and Antique Gold contrast wonderfully with a display of Blue Peacock feathers and classic Crystal Glassware. Celebrating the unique attributes of our dry land in all its beauty, Terra Firma is a wonderful representation of the modern Bohemian lifestyle of today.

ideal audience – stylish, curious, incentive
ideal season – all year
event type – gala dinner, themed event, sit down lunch

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