Capsule Collections - Submerged

“Layered in luxurious fluid like textures in tones of Blue, Teal and Pearl. We have designed an unassuming marine inspired wonderland, creating a calming yet dramatic environment…”

For a theme with flair, Submerged captures the essence of the quintessential pioneer. Immersed in another world that moves slowly and elegantly, tells stories and leaves treasures to be explored. The event design features encrusted rings from above, glistening as shards of light break through the waters whilst aquatic forms consume the tablescape.

From gala dinner to cocktail event, Submerged has the capacity to morph from a ramped up event theme to a sophisticated black tie event.

ideal audience – inbound, corporate, sophisticated
ideal season – all year
event type – gala/awards dinner, cocktail, themed event

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