Styling for a Cause - DE&E Give Back

With 21 charitable events over the last 12 months, we just can’t stop giving back to our wonderful community.

Companies need to lead with purpose and have a core set of values that inspire their team, their clients and the community.  Mission lead organisations also believe in what they do and develop Impact Statements and initiatives that provide clear leadership and direction in in making a positive impact on people and the planet.

DE&E’s Corporate Social Responsibility program extends to more than just re-using, re purposing and recycling. As an organisation we are committed to reducing our environment footprint in everything we do and this is reflective in the exhibition stands and events we style, design and build.

We are proud of another one of our initiatives, ‘Styling for Cause’ that started a decade ago.  We continue to commit 5 percent of our annual turnover to support causes we believe in and that will make a positive impact within the community.

Being charitable gives us a sense of fulfilment that no matter how big or small our contribution is; its humbling to know that we have played a part in supporting someone less fortunate or in need. As an organisation we will continue to provide our support in 2019 and beyond.

Charity and not for profit events generate much needed funds. We asked Ronald McDonald House Charity what happens when people give.

Name of event: 32nd Annual Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC) NSW Gala Ball

Event date: Saturday, 15th September 2018

Location: International Convention Centre Sydney

Tell us a bit about the event: RMHC raises much needed funds for seriously ill children and their families. It assists with supporting families to stay with their kids in hospital, provides family rooms at hospitals where families, siblings and friends can be together to support each other. It also provides tutoring, counselling and family retreats for both the sick child and siblings who miss out on school and lots of life experiences with the family upheaval a sick child can bring. It’s not just the sick child that needs care it’s the whole family. The houses are constantly full and demand is high. Funds raised at this event go straight to keeping the houses running and families cared for.

What was the highlight? This year we had so many highlights. Our theme was Priscilla Queen of the Desert so we had a fun opening act followed by Marcia Hines and Furnace and the Fundamentals to keep everyone on the dance floor I think the auction was amazing though – that part of the night alone raised close to 300,000.00 in a 15-minute period…it was incredible. Very, very generous people in the room is always inspiring.

How much was raised on the night?  We raised over 1 million dollars on the night. It makes the NSW Ronald McDonald House Charity Gala Ball one of the biggest single fundraising events in the country.

Most importantly, what happens to all that money? Where does it go? The funds go straight to RMHC NSW to fund RMHC programs – as above there are counselling and learning programs, family rooms, family retreats as well as the houses themselves which use up a bulk of the funds in ongoing operations.

The houses themselves accommodate over 9,300 families every year but demand exceeds this. With the money raised over the past few years the Ronald McDonald House at Westmead was totally rebuilt and expanded to meet some of this huge demand.



  • blush ottoman
  • breeze block
  • centrepieces
  • gold palm tree
  • luxury linen
  • media wall
  • parrot
  • Sit-down event
  • stage display
  • stage set
  • Velvet Banquette