DE&E appointed the new stand builder at AIME. Talk2Media talk's to Mark Magennis about 'The Embassy' stand concept and design

AIME is the first convention to kick off 2019 industry events globally. It’s a must-attend event for planners who want to do business in the Asia Pacific region.

As the newly appointed new stand builder for AIME, Talk2Media recently caught up with Mark Magennis, Managing Director at DE&E to talk about ‘The Embassy’ – a premium new stand concept and design created to deliver a more immersive experience for AIME buyers and exhibitors.

Read the full interview below;

DE&E have been appointed as the new stand builder for AIME. The stand is a fabulously unique style – we’ve never seen anything like it before. What inspired you to create The Embassy?

AIME will always be the must attend event for the business events industry. It’s the first industry event in the calendar year and an opportunity for everyone to meet in the one location and exhibit their products and services in a premium environment.
Traditionally a custom show, AIME has allowed brands such as hotels and resorts, destinations, bureaus, experiences, suppliers, products & services the opportunity to meet face to face with buyers.

When Talk2Media approached the industry to come up with a creative design for ‘The Embassy’ concept late last year, their main objective was to allow premium brands to continue exhibiting at AIME but not necessarily having to spend an extensive amount of money or marketing resources.

‘The Embassy’ was presented to suppliers to come up with a concept that would appeal to the premium brands and allow them to exhibit in a uniformed way, that could still allow for personality of Individual brands to be displayed.

Octanorm is not always suitable for all shows especially a premium show like AIME. The Embassy concept is cutting edge and contemporary for today’s market. DE&E have been delivering creative custom stands to AIME since 2005. In fact, we have won best stand awards almost every year, so the opportunity to change the landscape of an event that has been running for 25 years was simply irresistible to our Design Team.

Often you will find, when walking into an expo you are approached with big imposing stands that give the feeling that you need to make an appointment to see someone. Our Design Team’s inspiration was to create a visually appealing, inviting exhibition system that would make the entire show flow through the use of the ‘curve’ format throughout. By using compelling compositions like curves, we eliminate harsh edges and bring in softness and sophistication to the overall concept which will allow AIME visitors to easily recognise everyone’s brand.

The DE&E Embassy designs really have that ‘wow’ factor. Sleek, sexy, sophisticated and stylish – a full build premium design that delivers innovative change and provides a live experience that will keep the AIME community returning year after year.
Our industry has evolved over the last 25 years. Creative people seek change and we know that the AIME community will love and embrace ‘The Embassy’ concept.

A one size fits all scenario isn’t for everyone. AIME still encourages custom stands for exhibitors wanting their own stand-alone stand design, and the award-winning custom stand team at DE&E look forward to working with these clients.

What does this mean for exhibitors?

‘The Embassy’ concept is cohesive and collaborative and provides the opportunity for everyone to work together and truly make the visitors experience more immersive, approachable, easier to understand and premium.

Exhibitors can add their own personality, branding and adopt into their suite. We encourage exhibitors to provide branding guidelines for us to adopt them into their Embassy stand. In turn we will pair up each exhibitor with a DE&E Designer to ensure that their end

What are your top three tips for exhibitors to keep in mind when designing their stands for AIME?

Understand the ‘ONE SHOW – ONE FLOW’ concept and take advantage of the opportunities presented in the upgrades. The upgrades allow exhibitors to bring their personality to the stand through digital prints, colour, furniture pieces, flooring and AV. Cost effective packages to allow personality to be added to The Embassy suites.

CONSULT WITH A PROFESSIONAL – Work with your DE&E In-house Design and Styling team. Every exhibitor has the opportunity to have a consultation with a DE&E Designer and Stylist. DE&E will work with you to understand your brand and bring your stand to life.MAKE IT EASY – Time is a valuable commodity. The feedback from past exhibitors has been that it takes 6 months to get a custom stand designed and built. The process of preparing tenders, briefing suppliers and design can be time consuming. A big tip for 2019 is; utilise the DE&E packages and upgrades on offer! Use one supplier for all your AIME needs. DE&E has the resources to get your stand designed, signed off and built in as little as 4-weeks, so you can focus on what is important; making those meaningful connections and building potential business opportunities with AIME buyers.

Recently we’ve seen Moody Hues, Hamptons Chic and a revival of floral in event styling. What’s the next event styling trend on the horizon?  

The event attendee that we know today, lives in such a fast-paced environment. Concentration levels are short and personal time is merged with professional life. Attracting attendees to live experiences is a challenge meeting planners face. The need for more value, more meaningful, positive connections and experiences is an absolute necessity.

Event attendees want to be ‘wowed’ from the moment they walk into a room and will instantly form an opinion of your brand in their conscious and subconscious minds validating the reasons for attending.

A well styled room or exhibition, done successfully is the perfect icebreaker, a conversation starter that helps build the excitement and anticipation for what is next in store.  Our team are driven to creating captivating, evolving, engaging and visually exciting experiences that allow guests to make real connections or share their experiences with their online communities.

Design trends seem to play out more quickly than ever before and often the life cycle of a trend can decrease from several years to several months. Our team of Designers, Stylists, Artisans and Decorators are able to identity and translate a new trend and communicate it through our extensive product range to deliver a holistic client solution.  Together with our product development team, we can design, source and build our own bespoke hire items which allow for greater speed to market.

The next event styling trend for the sophisticated event attendee is a multitude of styles and trends inspired by our travels to destinations like the Amalfi Coast, central Australia and Asia. Watch this space!


Best event you’ve ever worked on?

That’s hard one. At DE&E we deliver over 300 events per month and there is no one singular event that stands out. What I can say though is that each event, large or small has an objective, a purpose and an outcome. We see every job that we work on as exciting and each job is treated like it’s the ONLY event that we are working on.

What’s your hot tip when organising an event?

Align yourself with trusted suppliers. Engage all suppliers from the Caterer to AV, Venue and Entertainment from the beginning and share your vision and event objectives. By surrounding yourself with skilled, qualified and experienced people you can tap into their expertise and work as a team to ensure that as a group they deliver a complete holistic narrative for your whole event. Working cohesively with your suppliers from day one will allow you to be secure in your decision making and ensure that there will be no double-handling and your event details won’t get lost in translation.


Planning to exhibit at AIME 2019? DE&E has the resources to get your stand designed, signed off and built in as little as 4-weeks, so you can focus on what is important; making those meaningful connections and building potential business opportunities with AIME buyers.

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